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Owners of Aircraft

Perhaps you own or are looking to buy a private aircraft for your own use. We would be honored to serve as your expert partner in managing the aircraft maintenance and upkeep while leasing it to other customers to maximize your investment.


Our maintenance team is experienced, highly trained and deeply qualified to ensure compliance with maintenance protocols.  We help to protect your investment and minimize cost of ownership, while you retain full use of your aircraft when you need it. 


For managed service contracts, please contact us at (817) 751-4071.


Company Travel for Individuals
& Board of Directors

For meetings, industry conferences, shareholder events or customer visits, sometimes you need the flexibility and tailored service of private travel. We understand that it is all about maximizing value for your stakeholders. We would like to be your aviation partner to help you run your business even more successfully.


You can count on our operational reliability and flexibility, our commitment to safety and our experienced and friendly team. Understand and accurately anticipate your costs, without unwanted surprises. Our transparent pricing provides certainty and consistency.


In addition to providing private travel services, we can assist with aircraft management, maintenance and advisory services.


Leisure or
Business Travel

We provide a high-quality, safe, comfortable and transparent travel experience to individuals for personal/family or business travel.


Private travel offers ultimate flexibility and efficiency to maximize your time.

You get certainty and consistency from a pricing structure that is up front, transparent and without surprises.


Our aircraft are modern, efficient and equipped with the latest technology.


Prospective Aircraft Buyers

Chairman tailors an aircraft acquisition strategy to the need of our clients.  

For those companies or individuals desiring a turn-key product Chairman utilizes an in-house Aircraft Acquisition Syllabus.  


This process is an analytical and pragmatic needs analysis followed by a market survey, negotiation, pre-purchase inspection and closing.  

If desired, this is followed by training, flight department management, implementation of a Safety Management System and initiation of flight operations.  In other words, a total turn key solution.  Please contact us at 817 751-4071 for more details.


For those already familiar with their needs or desiring a specific model aircraft Chairman can manage the search, purchase process - including the all important pre-buy inspections - through the closing.


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