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Welcome to Chairman Aviation

Inspired by leaders and innovators in aviation, we are committed to "excellence with integrity" in all we do. We are Certificated as an On-Demand Air Carrier by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Our satisfied clients include individuals, private and public corporations.  


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Who We Are

Our FAA Air Carrier Certificate is # 674A375O and Chairman has met the requirements to become a Certified Wyvern Wingman Operator. Wingman designation is the highest- level rating given by Wyvern Consulting, the first aircraft safety auditing firm in the country.


Whether you are considering the purchase or lease of an aircraft, upgrading your current aircraft, managing a flight department or in need of professional training - Chairman Aviation has the expertise to satisfy your aviation needs.  Equipped with our expertise you will fly safely, economically and advisedly.


We believe in transparency and that our clients should be aware of all fees and commissions.  By disclosing our compensation structure up front our clients can be assured we are looking out for their best interests while providing an outstanding travel experience.

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Our Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to your safety, comfort, and travel experience.

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Chairman wants to make private flying what it could be. We believe in providing you with the flying experience that you expect. You will know how much you are paying (with no surprises), how you will be flying (in luxurious aircraft with impeccable service) and when you will get there (based on our commitment to operational excellence). 

We believe private business travel should provide you with all of those things, and we are committed to doing our part.  Our team of highly skilled aviators, experienced maintenance technicians and deeply trained safety managers is dedicated to your safety, comfort and convenience. 


Chairman gives you a team that you can count on.


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