Our Charter flights are operated by Chairman Airmotive II, LLC an FAA Certified On Demand Air Carrier.  Our founder, Howard OShell (Howie)serves as the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot of this Air Carrier.

We can take you where you want to go, however, Ski Country is our specialty.  Howie, trained airline pilots in special "Checkouts" to operate the Boeing 757 in and out of Eagle/Vail, Colorado (KEGE).  He also provided these same pilots training in other special areas of operation:  Latin America, South America, North Atlantic and Pacific Oceanic.   Likewise, our Director of Safety trained pilots on a multitude of airliners and in various fighter aircraft while in the USAF.  He was even a Squadron Commander of a USAF jet T-38 training unit in Wichita Falls, Texas. 

What makes Chairman Airmotive II, LLC different? 

Our leaders share their experience and train

our Flight Crews.  Each on the team

has "been there - done that".   We specially

train (sometimes in simulators) to operate in this

environment.  All with the utmost in safety and

efficiency.    Any pilot can say "yes."

Our crews are trained when to say "No." 

"Ski Country" is what we like to call it. 
Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Truckee/Tahoe,
Gunnison/Crested Butte to name a few. 

But there is more to our "Secret Ski Country

Sauce."  Additionally, we give our crews very

capable aircraft with which to ply their trade. 

All of these airports are located in

mountainous terrain - all of these airports are

very popular destinations for our clients, particularly those residing in Texas.

Besides the obvious challenge mountains pose these airports all reside high above sea level.  This requires landing faster (groundspeed) than when landing at Sea Level. 

With these destinations and the safety of all involved in mind we chose the very capable Lear 40XR.  An aircraft engineered with Aspen in mind...literally!

The aircraft features oversized wheels and carbon brakes.  All powered by a "brake by wire" digital anti-skid system.  In plain English:  This airplane stops on a dime without running the risk of skidding the tires.  Even if the runway conditions are less than ideal.

Moreover, our Lear 40XR has oversized and very powerful "BR" engines.

These engines have an automatic feature which activates a power

reserve and even assists the pilot with the rudder in the

unlikely event of an engine failure.  While we don't expect trouble, our

clients know:  Should trouble find us, our crews are well prepared

and the aircraft designed and certified for these challenging

airports.  These huge and powerful engines get us off

the ground safely with passenger and fuel loads normally found only

on mid-sized jets.  These same engines provide the thrust to

climb all the way to 47,000, 49,000 and occasionally 51,000 feet.   

What does this mean to you?

No unexpected fuel stops on the way home due to warm temperatures .

Cody, Wyoming

Truckee, CA/Lake Tahoe, NV  a Favorite Chairman Destination.

Our Lear 40XR at the Eagle/Vail Airport