The formula is simple....

Start with an airplane with good "bones."  IE No damage history, all logs, good total time.

And on the other side you have....

The best avionics money could buy in the 80s.

Dual Garmin G-600 EFIS

Dual Garmin GTN-750 FMS/COM

Dual Garmin GTX-33ES ADSB Transponders

Garmin Flightstream 210

Garmin GDL-88 ADSB In

Garmin GDL-69ASXM Satellite Weather/Radio

Garmin GWX-70 Radar

Garmin GMA-33 Audio

Garmin Class "B" TAWS

BFG WX-500 Stormscope

Avidyne 9900DX ActiveTraffic

Shadin 380 Fuel Flow

Mid Continent "SAM" EFIS Standby

Stay Tuned...This is going to be good!

Our Beechcraft King Air F-90.

Add 2 parts love, 3 parts passion for excellence, a lot of hard work and money....

The Next Project Begins 7/2016...

A low time, no damage D-55 Baron.