And on the other side you have....

Stay Tuned...This is going to be good!

Add 2 parts love, 3 parts passion for excellence, a lot of hard work and money....

Our Beechcraft King Air F-90.

Dual Garmin G-600 EFIS

Dual Garmin GTN-750 FMS/COM

Dual Garmin GTX-33ES ADSB Transponders

Garmin Flightstream 210

Garmin GDL-88 ADSB In

Garmin GDL-69ASXM Satellite Weather/Radio

Garmin GWX-70 Radar

Garmin GMA-33 Audio

Garmin Class "B" TAWS

BFG WX-500 Stormscope

Avidyne 9900DX ActiveTraffic

Shadin 380 Fuel Flow

Mid Continent "SAM" EFIS Standby

The best avionics money could buy in the 80s.

The Next Project Begins 7/2016...

A low time, no damage D-55 Baron.

The formula is simple....

Start with an airplane with good "bones."  IE No damage history, all logs, good total time.